Our focus is learning while having fun with audience participation and natural animal behaviors.   We  hope people will leave our show , with renewed responsibility in pet ownership and world stewardship.

June 29     10 &11:30am Biscoe NC

animals in the show this year,  Cockatoo, Blue and Gold Macaw, 2 ferrets,  Burmese Python, chicken for hypnotizing,

Serval cat, Siberian Lynx, Patagonian Cavy

We reserve the right to pull one or more animals from the show at any given time.  

Unique and diverse animals from around the world.   Presented by the humorous and a bit confused ,  Professor Bumblemor!  All animals are presented with the intent to educate and inspire people about our shrinking animal kingdom. 

Aug.  4  10:30am North Regional lib. Raleigh  NC

Aug.  5  10:30am Eva Perry Lib. Raleigh NC

Aug.  5   3pm West Regional Lib. Raleigh. NC

Aug.  6  3pm Southwest Regional Lib. Raleigh, NC

Aug.  7  10:30am East Regional Library, Raleigh, NC

Aug.  7    4:30pm  Cameron Village Library

Aug    8   4:30pm Northeast Regional Library  

Aug.16    10am Hildebranch, NC

Aug.16    2pm Valdese Branch, NC

Aug. 16   6pm Morganton, NC

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July 26  10am Mauney Library, Kings Mt. NC.


Below please find schedule for Summer Reading

We are still booking shows for the best prices, pair up

with someone near you. Hope to see you this summer!


June 20 10am Rigdgeview

June 20  3pm Patrick Beaver

June 21  1pm  Boone , NC

June 21 3pm W. Watagua,NC

June 22 10 & 11:30 Ashe County

June 22   2pm Wilkes, NC.

June 26 10:30 am Lincoln County Library

June 26  2:30 Rock Springs Elementary

June 26 6:30 pm Mocksville

June 27 1:30 pm Booneville

June 28 10am Dobson Community center

June 28  2pm Danbury, NC


Action Animals


Show Schedule 2017

July 19   1pm & 3pm  King Library NC

July 12    6pm Bland, Marion, VA.

July 13   11am Saltville, Va.

July 13     1pm Chilhowie, Va.

July 13     6pm Marion, Va.

Aug. 14    11am & 6:30pm Highpoint, NC

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