Action Animals


On this page you should find answers to your questions...

Please feel free to call  904-465-5533 if you do not find it.

1. Do you prefer indoors or outdoors? 

I have worked outside b4 but I do not prefer it.... If I had to work outside... there are some of my newer animals I would leave out of the show

2.How much space do you need? I have done shows in very small places...  using 1 table instead of 2  and about 5 feet behind the table ...leaving enough room to put carriers and walk.

3.What do you need in the way of supplies?

I bring everything I need except for ...Tables, 2 if the area is big enough, but one is ok.

4.Do you need a sound system?

As a rule only rooms over 200, I prefer head sets when possible as it is impossible to work with animals and hold a microphone.

5.How can I get ready for you.

I try to arrive at least one hour before the start of show.

This allows time to unload animals, set up tables, lay down a masking tape barrier(3feet from front of tables).  This usually takes about 20 minutes.  Which will allow time to get the audience in and settled.

6. How large is your vehicle? The bus we bring the animals in is 35 ft. long.  We like to park in the library lot of our last library of the day or our first library of the day.  We know this is not always possible , but if we can use your lot, let us know!!

7.Is the bus open to the public?

The bus is built with the comfort and privacy of the animals and their handlers.  Therefor the bus is not open to the public.